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ECS is a software and hardware company with one goal in mind – to increase the realized capacity of your manufacturing process. 

Our camera based quality control systems help increase the speed of the process while decreasing waste (defects and wasted material during process disruptions) and delay (downtime).   Maintaining and increasing the realized capacity is not an option for today’s industries – it’s the key to survival and this task is not getting easier.  

Production facilities are being asked to do ‘more with less’.  Our various hardware configurations and software suites give critical feedback to operators and management teams to fix the problems faster and get back to being proactive in other performance increasing strategies vs. reactive.  

Why choose ECS?

Because these solutions become such a long-term and integral and critical aspect of best practices for our installed base – ECS understands we must become a partner in all aspects of the product lifecycle of these camera based solutions.  We must be focused at all times on not only on how our systems are developed and built – but equally as important is the quality of installation and support.  Our systems cannot afford to fail the operator and management when it’s needed most.  In other words – we help increase uptime of your process – so the uptime of the camera based quality control system should never the problem. 

The best equipment coupled with the best people.


From a solution standpoint – ECS provides a wide selection of quality control solutions under three main groups that can be installed in two ways

1.      On a single process
a.      Process Monitoring
b.      Event Capture
c.      Web Inspection

2.      On a group of processes - RIM

Any of the solutions can be executed in the field from large permanent systems to small rolling or handheld configurations. 

Intelligence Roll Mapping: What is Realized Capacity on a group of processes?

The majority of products that are manufactured are a sum of several individual steps.  A primary asset creates a batch of goods that is then sent to another process for additional value add. 

For example – a diaper starts from a rolled product 3 to 10 meters wide weighing several tons and is converted over multiple steps to create the highly engineered product used in a household.  The overall realized capacity is a sum of the individual steps.  RIM is the application of defect data from one process that is passed to the next process allowing these subsequent processes to optimize how it’s converted.  A chain is only as strong as each individual link – RIM ensures each link in a multi-step process positively contributes to the overall realized capacity of the entire manufacturing cycle.

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Monitor the performance of all camera assets 24/7. ECS IQ is the app and browser interface that monitors all aspects of system uptime, usability, optimization, break, and WIS data. Have access to a system status dashboard, receive downtime alerts for key components, review user utilization reports, system data, and more.


Standard GigE cameras at 60 FPS lose resolution data on the way to the monitor because a 1 Gb Ethernet backbone can only channel a maximum of 1.8 million pixels at 60 FPS. Smart cameras compress the image at the camera, while standard GigE Hardware cannot.


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